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Seal it concrete against contaminants, stains & oils.
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Sealing your concrete

House walls get dirty as the years go by. Dust, soot, grime, wasp nests, spiderwebs and even moss and mould can become a problem. We clean brick, render, concrete, weatherboard, steel cladding - painted or not. Walls, eaves, underside of gutters, window frames, louvres, roller doors - you name it we clean it.

Our crews have telescopic equipment to reach high and hard to reach areas. In many instances we even 'shampoo' the entire building for optimal results. All part of the AAA Cleaning, Gardening & Testing service. Our experienced cleaning technicians assess each house wash-down on its own merit and then apply the most suitable methods.

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A Beautiful Exterior

Your home's exterior is what people see first. Much of it is visible from the street and the neighbour's yards. Cleaning your property's exterior can make a huge difference to the overall impression.

It is not just about what others see though. Those dirty run marks on your house walls can permanently stain your paint work or render. And those BBQ oil stains could damage your patio concrete. The mould on garden walls could damage the facia and mortar joints. Spiderwebs on eaves and pergolas harbour little pests. Dirt and algae will make gutters and stormwater pipes rust more quickly.

In other words maintaining the outside of your home is not just for looks. It makes for a brighter, safer environment and keeps your most valuable asset - you home - in better and longer lasting condition.

Penetrating sealers

We only use penetrating sealers on your concrete. With surface sealers, like acrylic, we find that they need to be re-applied every 1 to 3 years. With penetrating sealers, they need to be re-applied every 10 to 15 years, depending on foot traffic. What would you choose for you money?

About Us

We are a family-based small business in Canberra offering a range of external cleaning & gardening services. We value being on time, keeping you informed and responding to your requests in a timely manner.
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