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Outdoor surfaces collect dust, grime, spiderwebs, bird droppings, moss and mould. We pressure clean the exterior of your home to bring back the sparkle.
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Outdoor Pressure Cleaning

AAA Cleaning, Gardening & Testing can and will dramatically improve the appearance of outdoor surfaces around your property. You may want to give your outdoor areas an overdue spring clean or may be you are looking to sell your property.

Outdoor pressure cleaning extends beyond just house walls, concrete and pavers.

At AAA Cleaning, Gardening & Testing, our staff have experience in pressure cleaning fountains, outdoor furniture, wooden decks, planter pots, Vergola systems and more. Anything that forms part of your outdoor lifestyle.

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Driveway and Paver Cleaning

We are a leading provider of concrete and paver pressure cleaning services in Canberra.

AAA Cleaning, Gardening & Testing teams are equipped with swiss-made, rotary-jet concrete and paver cleaning heads for optimal pressure cleaning results.

When cleaning pavers, often there is a lot of sand that comes out from between the pavers. In this case, we'll do the following to ensure the best possible result:

  • clean-up the mess
  • spray with a mix of fast-acting and residual herbicides to reduce weed growth
  • if necessary, spray with a fungicide to reduce fungi & lichen re-growth
  • back fill with a polymer based sand that, when wet, binds together to further reduce weed regrowth and the sand washing out in the future

Please note that light coloured pavers dirty easily, are difficult to clean and will take longer than other pavers.

Cleaning Fences, Steps, Pergolas...

We are often asked if a front fence, a rear pergola, garden step or retaining walls can be cleaned up.

The answer is yes.

Almost all exterior structures and hard surfaces will benefit from a professional pressure clean. However, rendered surfaces should never be pressure washed due to the risk of damage. If you have rendered walls, please refer to our House Washing page.

About Us

We are a family-based small business in Canberra offering a range of external cleaning & gardening services. We value being on time, keeping you informed and responding to your requests in a timely manner.
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