Get those windows sparkling clean

Domestic, strata or commercial. We have options to suit to your needs to make those windows sparkling clean.
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Specialists in Window Cleaning

AAA Cleaning, Gardening and Testing specialise in window cleansing in Canberra and the surrounding areas of the ACT. We provide the best window cleaning in Canberra so why not offer us a shot? We always provide gleaming results.

At AAA Cleaning, Gardening & Testing we take customer complete satisfaction extremely seriously so we ensure you will be impressed with our window cleaning service in Canberra and above all your crystal clear glass.

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Get those windows clean

Fed up with looking at your filthy windows? Have not got time to clean them. Why not take the hassle out of cleaning your windows and use the services of a local window cleaning up company based in Canberra.

Cleaning up external windows can be daunting without the ideal equipment so using a professional window cleaning service is an excellent idea. We are fully guaranteed and have all the right equipment to make certain your windows sparkle.

We supply a window cleaning service that includes:

  • Residential and commercial window cleansing, houses, services, store fronts
  • External and internal window cleaning
  • Cleaning window glass, surrounds, screens, sills, tracks, and runners
  • Cleaning around internal windows
  • Window cleansing homes, businesses, shop fronts

When it concerns window cleansing you might wish to take advantage of our regular cleaning company. We can organise to clean your windows daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Alternatively, we are happy to carry out one-off window cleans. We offer an exact same day service, where possible, and we are totally insured.

AAA Cleaning, Gardening & Testing are the window cleansing experts in Canberra. Take the hard work out of cleaning your windows and pick the best.

If you require a window cleaning company in Canberra, fill in the form below or call us today and book an appointment.

Factors that we consider when providing a quote

  1. The number of panes? – These are counted individually. Each pane may be considered a separate window.
  2. Size of each pane? – Smaller panes can sometimes be just as time-consuming.
  3. Type of glass? –  Some are difficult to clean types such as Viridian Comfort Plus Glass.
  4. One or both sides? – Or just the inside or outside?
  5. Dirtiness? – How dirty are your windows? Filthy, moderate, fingerprints, offensive?
  6. Type of Dirtiness? – Is it just dust, dirt, grease, bird poo. Or harder stains?
  7. Frequency? – Do you want a one-off clean? Or a regularly scheduled cleaning service? How often? Once a week, month, year?
  8. Timescale? – When are the windows available to be cleaned? Does it have to be after hours? Night work, weekend work or emergency call outs? Do they need to be done today?
  9. Last Clean? – Time elapsed since last window clean. The windows will be much dirtier
  10. Height? – How high are the windows? More height requires more skill. Do we need to use a water-fed pole system?
  11. Window Coverings? – Do you have fly-screens, safety screens, grills, curtains, blinds - anything that may interfere with the cleaning process? Do these objects need to move to access the windows? Will you do this, or do you want us to do this?
  12. Flyscreens? – Extra work but highly recommended, as dirt from the fly screens often is transferred to the windows.
  13. Window Surrounds? – The inclusion of flyscreens, tracks, sills, frames or other surfaces.
  14. Direct sunlight? – This makes it harder as it shows up every blemish and surface defects.
  15. Other Services? – Gutter cleaning, general cleaning and pressure cleaning. Discounts are may be offered for combining services.
  16. Post-Construction? – These are a whole different animal. Exotic building residues require special techniques and chemicals in order to be removed.
  17. Other? –  Factors related to the difficulty of the job.

About Us

We are a family-based small business in Canberra offering a range of external cleaning & gardening services. We value being on time, keeping you informed and responding to your requests in a timely manner.
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