Hedges that are Straight Look Great

Domestic, strata or commercial. We trim your hedge, reduce its size (if required), clean-up your garden and take away all the waste.
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Don't let your hedge take over

Just like trees, hedges can provide an excellent level of privacy in your garden, and can look great! But unfortunately, they too grow quickly, and before long, will start getting a bit out of control. Give AAA Cleaning, Gardening & Testing a call today and we can arrange for our staff to come over and cut back your hedges, leaving you with a neat, more spacious and most importantly, a more controlled garden.

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Let us help you in your garden

As well as hedge trimming, we also offer similar services if you have a tree which is becoming overgrown and needs cutting back. In fact, whatever service you need with regard to your garden or a hedge, chances are we can help. All you need to do is ask, and we'll help you out however possible; whether that results in a hedge reduction service, a complete garden clean-up or just a friendly word of advice. Simply call us today, or click the [Request a Quote] button above, and we’ll come out to help you restore your outdoor space to a place of beauty.

Please Note: Due to the risk of injury, we do not trim hedges that are:

  • over 3m tall (although we can reduce a hedges height to 3m)
  • on a slope

Our Gardening Services

In addition to trimming your hedges, we'll happily:

  • reduce the size of your hedge, if required
  • clean-up your garden
  • remove all rubbish
  • weed your garden
  • mow your lawns
  • undertake general pruning
  • other general garden maintenance tasks
  • remove all garden waste to the nearest composting facility

About Us

We are a family-based small business in Canberra offering a range of external cleaning & gardening services. We value being on time, keeping you informed and responding to your requests in a timely manner.
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