The best steak from the cleanest BBQs

Don't like the taste of charcoal or grease? Get your BBQ cleaned professionally to up your reputation as the best BBQer on the block!

Get that Steak Perfect!

A great tasting steak is not only dependent on how you cook it but also on having a clean BBQ! Personally, I'm not fond of the taste of charcoal. I do prefer a well-cooked steak (not well done) that enhances the taste of the meat. Charcoal just doesn't do it. 

Also, having too much grease and grime on your BBQ makes it smoke too much. Some smoke is fine. Too much smoke isn't. That doesn't add to the flavour of the steak, it creates a sort of off-flavour. But, hey, that's me. 

Be the Envy of Your Family and Friends

With a sparkling clean BBQ, you'll the envy of your family and friends. They'll notice that you've taken the time to create an experience for them that's unforgettable. After you've gotten your BBQ sparkling clean, the rest is up to you. 

Professionally Cleaned BBQ

At AAA Cleaning, Gardening & Testing, we'll degrease and clean your BBQ so that it looks like new. There's no need to buy a new BBQ, you just have it professionally cleaned. 

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