EzyClean Graffiti Buster Supa Pack

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Community Care Pack for Residents and Volunteers


  • Safe and eazy to use
  • Non-dangerous goods product
  • Non-flammable
  • No odour
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Will remove graffiti from most surfaces
  • Convenient Wipe On - Wipe Off (SupaSafe Ezy Wipes)
  • Convenient Spray On - Wipe Off (SupaSafe Black Graffiti Remover)


The EzyClean Graffiti Removal Supa Pack comes with:

  • SupaSafe EzyWipes, one canister of 35 wipes
  • SupaSafe Black Graffiti Remover, 200mL
  • spray trigger for the 200mL bottle
  • scrubbing brush
  • paint brush, 2", nylon bristles (to agitate the graffiti remover)
  • wipe, unscented, dry
  • safety glasses
  • sodium chloride solution, sterile (to wash out eyes, if required)
  • rubber gloves, 1 pair
  • instructions
  • box to contain it all

COVERAGE: Will remove 8 - 12m2 of graffiti tags but that is dependant upon porosity of the surface.

DIRECTIONS: Spray On - Wipe Off (SupaSafe Black Graffiti Remover)

  1. Remove all contents from the pack and put on safety glasses and gloves.
  2. Remove cap from bottle and attach trigger nozzle.
  3. Dampen cloth applied with water.
  4. Spray a small quantity of the SupaSafe Black Graffiti Remover onto the graffiti and agitate horizontally with the paintbrush supplied.
  5. When the graffiti has dissolved, wipe the area clean with the damp cloth.
  6. Repeat instructions 4 & 5 if necessary.

DIRECTIONS: Wipe On - Wipe Off (SupaSafe EzyWipes)

  1. Remove all contents from the pack and put on safety glasses and gloves.
  2. Dampen cloth applied with water.
  3. Remove a SupaSafe EzyWipe from the Canister, fold in half and start to remove the graffiti in a circular motion.
  4. When the graffiti has dissolved, use the clean, damp cloth to wipe the residue from the surface.
  5. Repeat instructions 3 & 4 if necessary.

Texta (permanent markers) often dissolve immediately as the remover is applied and agitated, ready to wipe clean, however wax crayons and spray-can type paints require far more dwell and agitation time. Only do small areas at a time.

Keep your cloths clean by rinsing often and by turning the cloth as you wipe off the dissolved graffiti.

Hold your cloth under the graffiti as you spray the SupaSafe Black Graffiti Remover onto the graffiti to avoid the graffiti removal product dripping or running down the surface.

Repeat if necessary. It is best to work on small areas of graffiti at a time.

DIRECTIONS: Non-Painted, Non-Delicate & Non-Sensitive Surfaces
(you can use the scrub brush provided for these surfaces)

  1. Remove all contents from the pack and put on safety glasses and gloves.
  2. Spray the SupaSafe Black Graffiti Remover onto the graffiti.
    Agitate the graffiti with paintbrush supplied. Do not scrimp on the amount of product.
  3. Repeat this procedure three times in succession at three minute intervals for the majority of spray cans. There is no need to scrub hard, but agitation is certainly helpful.
    Extra applications may be necessary on porous surfaces or on old graffiti.
  4. Keep the graffiti wet with the product. If it dries out, the graffiti remover will not work effectively.
  5. The dissolved graffiti can be removed using the nylon scrubbing brush supplied in conjunction with running water. Never use wire brushes.
  6. Rinse the graffiti off with pressure nozzle, trigger hose or pressure cleaning machine.
  7. Do not blast to close in order to remove the graffiti as if may cause damage to the surface and will possibly only remove a small amount of the graffiti.

It is better to repeat the process again from the start.

CLEANUP: Wash equipment with water immediately after use.


  • Always read the safety instructions before using any cleaning product and observe all safe working requirements (e.g. safety gloves, safety glasses, etc.)
  • Wear Long Sleeves. Do not apply chemical above shoulder height.
  • A Saline Rinse vial is enclosed with your Kit. If product enters your eye, rinse the eye with the Saline Rinse.
  • The SupaSafe Black Graffiti Remover is used as supplied.
  • Do not dilute.
  • Store in a cool dry place.

The SDS for both the SupaSafe EzyWipes and the SupaSafe Black Graffiti Remover are available as a download, upon purchase.

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