Wowsers with Water Fed

We purchased a water fed pole window cleaning system a few weeks ago and have had a special on it (sorry, that special is over now) as we got used to using it. The results are nothing less than amazing with crystal clear glass!

The system is fed by water from a standard tap which is then filtered through a 5 micron filter to remove any particulate matter. The water is the fed through deionising resin with the resultant water coming out at less than 100ppm (parts per million) of salts. The result is, almost, pure water. The system allows for an injection of a specially made detergent that works with deionised water and doesn't leave streaky marks. The water is fed through a 100m house (that allows me to get around virtually any house) and then is fed up through a pole that extends up to 10m. At the end of the pole is a specially designed brush that cleans and clears all the crap off of the window. The deionised water, along with the detergent, strips all oxidation off of the windows, frames and sills resulting ultra clean and clear windows. It ends up like a mirror finish on the windows.

Given that its a water fed pole, this can only be used on the outside with traditional window cleaning (mop & squeegee) being required on the inside.

Having used this about a dozen times now, our the clients are very impressed with the finished product. Ultra clean & clear windows!

How does it get any better than this?



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